Greatest Minor League Promo Ever?

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04.14.11 3 Comments

I’m not usually one to embrace hyperbole or throw around tired Interwebs jargon like “epic” or “bonertastic”, which I just made up, but I think it’s safe to say that “Team Ghost Riders” is the greatest minor league ballpark promotion of all-time. As you can see in the banner pic, the troupe features cowboy monkeys riding on dogs and herding goats. I could write down 1,000 of my favorite things in this world on tiny pieces of notebook paper, put them into a hat and draw three, and I still probably wouldn’t come up with something as awesome as this. Maybe if I drew “naked women”, “glass bottom boat” and “White House lawn” but that can be taken care of with a few hours on Craigslist.

Memphis rodeo cowboy Tim “Wild Thang” Lepard is the brilliant mastermind behind Team Ghost Riders and if Time Magazine and the Nobel Prize committee have any hair left on their respective beanbags, Tim will lead a clean sweep in every major award on the planet this year. Enough with the chit chat already. Let’s see some freaking cowboy monkeys riding dogs.

(Via NESN)

Unfortunately, the Ghost Riders web site isn’t maintained very well and they’re still sporting the 2009-10 schedule, so I can’t tell you where to meet me so we can scream like children as COWBOY MONKEYS RIDE DOGS! So help me Buddha, if one of those dogs is ever dressed like a lobster I will faint like a pre-teen at a Bieber concert. A few more videos for you on the next page.

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