Griffining Is Here, It's Not Going Away, Get Used To It

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09.14.12 10 Comments

The Washington Redskins are currently 1-0 after a huge 40-32 Week 1 victory over the New Orleans Saints, and naturally the buzz of that win revolved around how great rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III played. RG3, as he’s known in science fiction films to fans, threw for 320 yards and 2 TDs in his first regular season NFL game, so naturally Skins fans are excited about his future. It also helps that he gets to play the St. Louis Rams this week, and everyone assumes that’ll be a much easier game for him (even though the Rams made Matt Stafford look like he played for the Rams).
Again, the guy has played one regular season game, and while I know that Skins fans are relieved that they finally have a potentially good QB and not a Grossman or Campbell, we shouldn’t anoint him the Chosen One just yet. But that would be a rational point of view, and sports fans are never rational. That’s how a meme like Griffining is born.
Coined by The Burgundy Blog, Griffining is the new planking/owling/Batmaning/Tebowing, and I have a feeling that even if the Redskins go 1-15 this season and Griffin throws no more TDs and 50 interceptions, the fans will keep doing it, because sports fans are insane. While there’s already a movement to stop this fad growing on Twitter, it won’t matter. The resistance to Griffining is futile.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-Griffin. I’m anti-meme. Just once, I’d love to see a guy get his big shot and make good, so the fans rightfully praise him for his efforts. But as soon as a guy snaps a picture and tries to coin a phrase, someone stops him and says, “Hey, hold on. Yes, he looked great in one game. ONE GAME. Let’s not act like a bunch of psychos and put this gigantic burden of ending decades of depression and asinine ownership on him after one game. Let’s let him grow into the pro game and develop his confidence and leadership mentality, so that way when he loses, he doesn’t beat himself up over it.” That would be nice.
Instead, we should just accept it and move on, and hopefully it will soon be replaced by Tannehilling, which is the act of throwing a ball directly at a defender so it pops straight up in the air before it’s intercepted. Trust me, it’s going to spread like wildfire.

See? It’s official. ( )

Damn it, Madden. You’re not helping. ( )

Haha, ESPN, you’re so hip and with it! See everyone? ESPN gets memes! They’re not forcing anything or trying too hard at all.

Hey, cool, another ESPN personality is Griffining. Awesome. ( )

And look, Stu Scott is Griffining. That’s awesome, because he’s such a huge Redskins fan. ( )

( )

( )

( )

( )

I don’t even know what’s happening here. ( )

It’d be funny if he was struck by lightning. ( )

The literal version, and probably the fantasy football team logo of 6 million dudes. ( )

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