Jimmy O. Yang Mourns His Fantasy Football Loss And Talks ‘Silicon Valley’ On ‘Hang Time’

Going into the latest episode of Hang Time, Jimmy O. Yang’s prep included a whopping total of two pushups and watching his fantasy football team take a tough playoff loss thanks to Dez Bryant. Despite only expecting to last about 10 seconds hanging from the uprights, the Silicon Valley actor was a good sport when it came time to face off against Brandon “B Dot” Armstrong.

During what looks like a physically demanding moment spent hanging from the uprights, Yang gave a shout out to Patriots Day and fielded questions about playing Jian Yang on Silicon Valley (while discussing some popular fan theories about his character). He also talked about trying to suffer through the football season as a Rams fan. This all while only letting a couple of expletives fly… on the show. Not during football season. Nobody’s making it through a 4-12 season without dropping f-bombs like bread crumbs at a duck pond every week.