Happy 58th Birthday, Hulk Hogan! Now Here's Your Naked Daughter

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Well, happy belated birthday, Hulkster. Yesterday, Hulk “Terry Bollea” Hogan celebrated his 58th birthday in only the truest American fashion – with his 35-year old wife, Jennifer McDaniel Bollea Hogan, and naked pictures of his daughter. Dad was on hand when Brooke Hogan revealed the image of her new PETA ad, in which she’s naked in a dog cage.
*tears shirt open* RESIST THE EASY JOKES, BROTHER!
From there, the Hogans celebrated birthdaymania with a fancy cake, some awkward poses, and with a camera jammed in their faces. But that was all the fun they would have before Hogan’s old enemies would come back to haunt him. Namely the Ultimate Warrior, who released a special birthday greeting on his Facebook page.

Hey, Terry. If you want some good creative ideas (we all know you sure as hell need them) be man enough to call and offer to pay instead of trolling around my web presence and stealing them.
When you try to copy my Warrior attiude it doesn’t work for you. The size of it is too big. When you try to pull it off you look like a x-small boy drowning in his daddy’s XXXL. What’s your “purist Christian wife” going to say when you start dropping F’ bombs like the Warriorman? Probably soemthing like, “Well, honey, it would be kinda nice if some of that was going on around here.”
Just be you. Number One rule of O.W.N.
The fraud you already are is the one we love. All these years you keep going back and forth and all over the map trying to find yourself. Please, no more “new” phony faces.
You’ve finally done it. Your mind is empty and your balls are all shriveled up. You’ve officially turned yourself into a Vagina Man, a real pussy. And now, your daughter has to show hers to get any attention at all. (Via No DQ, which I hope doesn’t mean Dairy Queen)

Vagina men aside, the Warrior’s message is a low blow. It’s bad enough that Hogan’s ex-wife is hanging out on her yacht, “Alimoney,” with her 12-year old boyfriend right now, collecting half of Hogan’s dwindling fortune. This is supposed to be about an icon’s birthday. And celebrating it with his naked daughter and future ex-wife. Happy birthday, Hulkamania!

(Images via The Superficial and The Daily Mail)
“Oh no, you can almost see my boobs and heinie that I meant for people to almost see, haha!”
It would have also been symbolic if the bottom, bigger share said “Linda.”
Per Brandon: “Even the bleeding heart vegan running this sports blog thinks ‘looking sexy in a cage’ is not really sharing a message of animal rights, and makes it look like they’re saying you should f*ck your animals before you eat them.”
You’re doing it wrong.
Creepy birthday to you! Creepy birthday to you! Creepy birthday, you pervert, creepy birthday to you!
“OK, just don’t look at my heinie!”
Let’s hope it ended here.
They look like ring valets in the Depends Wrestling Association.
Dude, what are you pointing at?
Haha, whatever, Hulk simply loves his daughter.
Sometimes a little too much.

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