Happy New Year

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.01.13 8 Comments

We did it! We beat the three things that promised to kill us — the Mayans, the environment and the 2012-13 New York Jets — and made it to 2013. Congratulate yourself for a job well done. This is an accomplishment.

I guess we didn’t get the memo about from yesterday about enjoying ourselves and having a nice time, so we’re gonna try to do that today. Plus, I can barely move this morning and kinda want to sleep until 2014. Our regular posting schedule will resume tomorrow, including the Best and Worst of Raw report based on last night’s show, which I totally did not stay in and watch.

Do something important today. Oh, and stay out of the gym. Your resolutions about getting in shape are nice and all, but come on, you’re in the way of the people who’ll be there tomorrow.

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