Remembering Harry Kalas’ Emotional Pregame Speech After 9/11

Senior Editor

“Let us always remember, that above all else: Love one another, love thy brother.” — Harry Kalas

I didn’t know this speech existed until MLB posted it in 2014. It is the words of legendary Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas, one week after the tragedy of 9/11. Like many of you, I’ve seen Jack Buck’s poem following the terrorist attacks a number of times. But this one from Harry Kalas was new to me. And that’s a shame, a damn shame really. Kalas used his smooth, baritone voice to deliver a touching yet simple soliloquy on loving one another.

“From the cradle of liberty, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, do we have closure? No. No, the heinous acts of terrorism last Tuesday will be with us for as long as we all shall live. Yes baseball will go on. It won’t be the same. It will be a long time before it’s the same. But sports has always been a diversion from our everyday problems, and in this case, from a national tragedy.”

According to the Phillies, that was all Kalas. There was no ghost writer, no pushing or prodding from the Phillies to say something before the game. It was his own words.

Harry Kalas died in the booth before a game in 2009. R.I.P. good sir.

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