Have You Noticed How The 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Looks Like A Facepalm?

With 2014 FIFA World Cup action just a few months away and the United States men poised to win every single match en route to the most dominant and awesome team performance in soccer history – you heard it here first – it was about darn time that the folks at the Intergalactic Soccer Commission, or whatever it’s called, released the event’s new logo. Sure enough, they did and for one brief moment, it was a vision of team spirit, global unity and competitive-but-friendly rivalries. Because within minutes of its release, everyone else on Earth realized that it looked like a facepalm.

Obviously, the facepalm is a fitting symbol for the 2014 World Cup, because it seems like every aspect of it has been a complete and miserable failure, at least from the organizational perspective. The problem with that is, though, that because people have died during the construction of shitty stadiums, it’s really not that funny. However, as long as people don’t bring that up, we can all still make the same exact jokes, just as Al Gore envisioned when he created the Internet.

Perhaps the best joke that has been made of the logo thus far comes from Parthiban Letchumanan, who created this delightful infographic to let us know how the logo was developed.

I don’t even know what most of that means, but it still makes me laugh. As for everyone else, it seems that most people are just content with stating the obvious, and even just lifting Gizmodo’s image like it ain’t know thang. But hey, at least this logo is creating some sort of unity. That counts, right?

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