He Spits, He Scores!

Or, “Capped teeth”. Maybe, “talk about a mug shot!”

In a video that is equal parts awesome and cringeworthy, Caps center Mathieu Perreault scores an otherwise unremarkable goal during Wednesday night’s game against the Ottawa Senators by deflecting the puck into the net with his mouth. Specifically with his tongue. Specifically, what?

“My tongue was out, so it bounced off my tongue and in the net,” Perreault said. “These things happen when you go to the net. Not the way you want to get goals, but he hit me in the face and it went in.”

This is like a gritty re-imagining of Untamed Heart, where Christian Slater catches a hockey puck in mid-air with his teeth and just instantly dies.

[h/t SB Nation Hockey]