Hear Comes The Meat

06.01.10 9 years ago

Morning Meat is WL’s daily batch o’links. It’ll grill you a hot dog or a hamburger, but not both. Send us tips at WithLeather-Tips@Uproxx.com and follow WL, PUNTE, Burnsy, Gally, Shakey and Ryan on Twitter.

  • Venus Williams and her wardrobe have been ousted from the French Open. We’ll miss the wardrobe…

    Outside The Boxscore.

  • Ashley Judd’s husband won the Indy 500. Good job, whatever your name is. We’ll be ogling some images of your wife now.


  • Sexy Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others: A Field Guide


  • Sorry, fellas, but the humor for this comic is in another castle.


  • Denmark eats more meat than we do. Nigeria is more than a little jealous.


  • Apparently, Jimmy Neal is a former NASCAR driver who was arrested for attempted rape. Was this guy even on the big Cup circuit? I have a hard enough time caring about NASCAR as it is.


  • If Kobe is better than LeBron, let us count the ways.

    Bleacher Report.

  • Don’t write a “diversity scorecard” post for fall TV shows and then not hand out any scores. That’s either brain-dead or lazy. Let’s go with “brain-dead.”

    TV Squad.

  • Remember this kid that covered Lady Gaga? He just signed onto Ellen DeGeneres’ record label. Apparently, sue has one.


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