Here’s A Fun Monster Truck Explosion

I don’t really have much information behind this video other than it’s a monster truck and it explodes, but for the sake of entertainment I’ll assume this took place in Kentucky every day for the last 20 years. As you’ll see in the video after the jump, the driver, Kirby, is going to show a crowd of car value depreciation enthusiasts what his specialized monster Lincoln Town Car* can do against a large pit of mud. Then he actually hits the mud and becomes instantly stuck and brilliance ensues.

Instead of accepting that he’s stuck and an embarrassment to his family of 16, Kirby is hellbent on moving forward, to the point that he almost kills himself. Instead, he comes just short of becoming a Darwin Awards finalist. Maybe next year, big fella!

Bogged-Down Monster Truck Explosion – Watch more Funny Videos

*My eyesight ain’t so good these days. Is that a Town Car or one of them Mercury knockoffs? We may never know.