Here’s An Amusing Compilation Of Spinning Kicks And Punches

10.08.14 5 years ago 2 Comments

With one question to Carlos Condit at the UFC 143 post-fight press conference, Nick Diaz entered a glorious new phrase in the MMA lexicon – “spinning sh*t”. Now, the wonderful people at MMM MMA have put together fifteen wonderful minutes of all sorts of spinning sh*t, from successful knockouts, to wonky guard passes, to the “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” version of spinning sh*t.

My one gripe is that there weren’t any clips of Genki Sudo displaying his penchant for spinning. I’ll admit, I want Genki Sudo to be celebrated at all times, but from his spinning back fists to the fact that he pulled off a GIANT SWING in a MMA contest should warrant him inclusion in a compendium of all time greatest spinning sh*t, right?

Still, the original video is pretty fantastic. And yes, Nick Diaz, we are doing spinning sh*t now until the end of time.

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