Watch An Angry Herm Edwards Address High School Players About ‘Embarrassing’ Behavior

Senior Editor

You’ll be shocked to hear this but Herm Edwards got angry about something and ranted about it on video. I know right? That never happens. Edwards’ latest tirade was directed at All-American high school football players following Trevone Boykin’s arrest for allegedly hitting a police officer Thursday. Boykin has since been suspended by TCU for Saturday’s bowl game and his future with the team is in doubt.

Edwards, who became famous for his impressive blowups as an NFL coach, used the Boykin arrest as a lesson in how not to handle yourself off the field.

“The game of football is bigger than any coach, any player. And what you did, what he did last night, you shouldn’t play. And it’s an embarrassment.”

Herm Edwards screaming at people needs to be made into a show. Wait, nevermind, that’s his entire platform on ESPN.

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