Hey Everyone, Come See How Unique And Original Dennis Rodman Is!

Former NBA players like Gary Payton, Vin Baker, Latrell Sprewell and Charles Smith played in an exhibition basketball game at Luna Park in Argentina over the weekend, as the one-time American pros faced off against some streetball legends much to the delight of the crowd. But wouldn’t you know it, when it came to stealing the spotlight, the only man that mattered was Kim Jong-Un’s best friend, Dennis Rodman, who made his way to the court in a zany and quirky blond Mohawk wig, while also wearing way too much makeup on his face. Oh man, that Dennis Rodman, is he ever not the most unique and daring individual in the world?

Unfortunately for the crowd, the Worm only played for a few minutes, so they had to settle for watching a court full of guys who didn’t have to worry more about their ridiculous wigs than putting on a good show for people who still pay to watch old men play slowed down basketball. But at least Rodman stuck around to sign autographs for the fans as he probably asked, “You, uh, gonna finish the rest of that fugazza?”