Hey, Remember Jeremy Lin?

He’s back, in pog Asian variety show form!

There isn’t a lot of available information about this video, courtesy of Outside The Boxscore, but all you really need to know is that it’s a guy dressed like Jeremy Lin on an Asian dance contest/’X Country’s Got Talent’ show.

My theory is that it’s an illustration of how sports writers saw Jeremy Lin all along, a look deep into the recesses of their brains, and that the casual racist tweets have evolved into this video of Lin speaking Chinese, pop-and-locking for the enjoyment of Asians and missing jumpshots. It also may or may not have been created by Next Media Animation.

Worst case scenario, this is the first video on the New York Post’s YouTube channel. I like it, though, and as I always say, “Lin-mitation is the Lin-cerest form of flatt-emy”.

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