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A BYU track star attacked a man with his own mop, leading to a scene where to grown men were fighting with mops.  This is actually true:

A star runner at Brigham Young University was arrested after getting out of his car and striking a pedestrian with a mop, police said.  Kyle Perry’s vehicle apparently got too close to the man, who was pushing a bucket with mops across a street June 14, witnesses told police.

“Angry words were exchanged,” Provo police Capt. Cliff Argyle said.  “Mr. Perry exited his vehicle and grabbed a mop out of the pedestrian’s mop bucket and started to strike the pedestrian,” Argyle said. “The pedestrian grabbed another mop and used it to defend himself. Eventually the pedestrian was shoved over a planter box and fell onto his back,” the officer said.

I admit, I'm a little late to this because I kept wavering with which Photoshop to go with.  Personally, I prefer the Stanley Spadowski/UHF reference, because it allows me to remember silly fake shows like Wheel of Fish, The Young and Dyslexic, Wonderful World of Phlegm, and The Fresh Prince Bel-Air.  But a lot more people understand and recognize Star Wars, so I thought I'd put that up there, too, because I don't want to piss off the nerds.  I saw this one documentary where a bunch of nerds ganged up on cool athlete dudes and put "liquid heat" in their jock straps.  No thank you.

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