This High School Goalie Is Facing Suspension After Brutally Spearing An Opponent

04.09.16 3 years ago

Goldberg, Edge, and Roman Reigns are among the wrestlers over the years that have adapted the spear as one of their signature finishing maneuvers. While seeing a spear in a pro wrestling match isn’t all that unlikely, it’s much rarer to see it used in, say, a high school soccer game.  Nevertheless, a goalie in North Carolina decided that would be a good setting to let loose her inner WWE superstar, and now she is facing a two-game suspension because of it.

In the game’s final moments, Cassie Sturtz — goalkeeper for Pine Forest — sprinted out of the box and launched herself full speed at Pincecrest’s Riley Barrett, viciously knocking her to the ground as she was about to be on a breakaway.

Somehow, Sturtz was not called for a penalty at the time. In fact, the officials don’t even really seem phased by what they saw, despite the fact that Barrett appeared to be knocked unconscious. However, after the game was over, the officials determined Stultz should have been given a flagrant contact penalty which results in an automatic two-game suspension.

How catapulting yourself full speed at an unsuspecting opponent only warrants a two-game suspension is beyond me, but thankfully Barrett was eventually able to leave the field under her own power.

(Via The Fayetteville Observer)

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