This High School Hockey Hit Is Going To Make Your Entire Body Scream In Horror

When tipster Robert sent us this video yesterday and proclaimed it to be “one of the biggest high school hockey hits you’ll ever see,” I scoffed and replied, “I’ll be the judge of that, pal.” After all, I watch so much footage of high school hockey on a daily basis that I can’t even remember half of the hits that I see, let alone the teams, players and actual stuff that happened. So I went ahead and accepted his challenge and watched the clip from this semifinal game between West Salem High School and Lincoln High School in Wisconsin Rapids and OHMYGODTHATGUYGOTF*CKINGCRUSHEDBRO!

According to Yahoo! Sports, the young man applying the (apparently) completely legal hit is Grant Scharmer and the player being sent to the ice is Zach Pierce, who would later get his revenge with an assist on the game-winning goal. For further analysis, I’d like to hand it over to high school hockey expert and YouTube commenter “mrbubetube”

Boom, you just got hockeyed, dork.