Watch A High School Outfielder Complete The Rare 8-7-6 Double Play On A Liner Off A Teammate’s Head

Last week, during the 4th inning of a high school baseball game between D’Iberville and Hancock (Miss.), D’Iberville center fielder Travis Bender took a screaming line drive right off the side of his melon. Thankfully for his team, the ball didn’t hit the ground, but instead ricocheted high into the air and right into the glove of his teammate, left fielder Jay Deshong.

With only one out and the Hancock baserunner at second failing to tag up, Deshong quickly flipped the ball back to the infield to his shortstop, completing the very rare inning-ending 8-7-6 double play.

Afterwards, Deshong was quick to credit his teammate for the assist.

“(My teammates) acted like it was a spectacular play on my part, but it bounced off of Travis’ head,” Deshong said. “If his head was shaped any other way, who knows where the ball would have gone.”

As noted scholar Ozzie Guillen always says, sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good.