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My grandfather always used to say that there are two things that illustrate how we as human beings are filled with an insatiable bloodlust and will gleefully relish witnessing displays of violence and brutality.

And those two things are hockey fights and even more so, snuff films.

Sure, that was right before grandpa was sent away to a nice farm upstate where he could run and play – at least that’s what my parents told me – but his statement is at least partially accurate: people love watching hockey fights. Even the casual fan will pay attention to hockey if you tell them two guys are punching each other in the head..

And the above brawl between renowned puck pugilist (and mustache aficionado) George Parros of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and 6’8″ behemoth John Scott of the Minnesota Wild certainly brings home Gramp’s point. Given Parros’ experience (Parros is credited with 83 regular season fights since the 2005 season on, Scott, 5), this shouldn’t have been much of a battle, but Scott landed some terrific shots and put Parros on the ice. In fact, I would call it an old-fashioned, knock-down, butt-whooping.

And it worked. The brawl, as it often does in these situations, lit the proverbial match under the Wild, who were down 3-0 to the Ducks at the time, but rallied to win 4-3 in overtime. And people say there is no place for fighting in hockey. When I do come into contact with this sort of person, I say to them “bully.” And then I beat them viciously over the head with a hockey stick. So I guess when I do say “bully” to these soon-to-be victims of ultraviolence, it means a couple of different things.

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