A Fan Flipped Over A Railing Into A Tunnel Trying To Catch A Dinger In The Home Run Derby

The baseball world turned its attention to Coors Field on Monday for the annual tradition of the Home Run Derby. While the “main event” for the week takes place on Tuesday with the 2021 MLB All-Star Game, the Derby often lends itself to high-end entertainment and, with the thin air in Denver, expectations were sky-high for moonshot after moonshot from some of the game’s best sluggers. In the early stages of evening, though, one of the more action-packed moments came when Oakland Athletics first baseman Matt Olson throttled a baseball into the stands.

In short, a fan took quite a tumble over a railing into the tunnel while doing his best to snag the ball. Twitter then took notice of the video and it made the rounds.

First, let’s hope that the fan is okay and healthy. That seems to be the case in that he popped up after the hard landing, but it’s always important to note.

From there, this was objectively amusing in that he didn’t hold back in the slightest. It takes a certain type of effort to really let it go and dive in this fashion and, even with a barrage of baseballs set to fly into the crowd on this particular night, this baseball was the one that he simply had to have.