How Chips Ahoy! Turned My Terrible NCAA Tournament Bracket Into A Positive

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Chips Ahoy! sweet bracket

The NCCA Tournament is down to its Final Four: Michigan, Syracuse, Louisville And Wichita State.

If you’re like me, your bracket looks … horrible. Just horrible. I thought Ohio State was going all the way, but what do I know? I also thought NC State was going to do well. What’s wrong with me?

The good news is that the folks at Chips Ahoy! are working hard to make sure I feel better about my tournament performance in two important ways: 1) by scouring college campuses across the country to find the “sweetest bracket” and creating a bunch of endearing fan videos along the way, and 2) sending With Leather a gigantic box of Chips Ahoy! cookies. So now I get to see the side of the NCAA tournament that isn’t “HERE’S A THOUSAND HD PICTURES OF A BROKEN LEG,” and everybody I know gets a free bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cookies. Maybe I should send a few of them to the guys at NC State.

Anyway, ChipsAhoy.TV is adorable. After the jump I included clips from the teams who are still in it (because these people are the ones you should be listening to), but they’re all pretty great, so check them out.




Thanks for making my March (and a little bit of my April) a little more pleasant, Chips Ahoy! Next year I’m gonna pick nothing but 16 seeds in the Final Four and see if they’ll send me a foam finger.

[videos via ChipsAhoy.Tv]

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