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The ESS-EEE-SEE saw one of its higher-ranked teams fall off the national landscape last night when Ole Miss wandered into Columbia, South Carolina to take its first loss of the season. After watching the Rebels quarterback Jevon Snead go JaMarcus Russell while running for his life (7 for 21 passing, 4 sacks), one has to wonder how that team was ranked fourth in the country by the AP.

The Gamecocks (3-1, 1-1) had been 1-31 all-time against Top 5 foes, but left Williams-Brice Stadium with the biggest win of coach Steve Spurrier’s five seasons.

“It was good to get a win when everybody watches,” Spurrier said. “It was good for all Gamecocks.” via.

I’m not burying Ole Miss based entirely based on their performance last night. After all, they started the season at No. 8, probably because of their 13 returning starters, including NFL scouting mancrush Jevon Snead. But seriously, fourth in the country? I’m just not that impressed with those middle-of-the-road SEC teams, especially when non-BCS schools are forced to run the table to garner any national respect at all.

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