Browns Coach Hue Jackson Struggling To Find His Challenge Flag Perfectly Sums Up Cleveland’s Season

12.18.16 3 years ago

You knew that something weird like this would happen during Browns-Bills. Something happened during the game that Browns coach Hue Jackson thought he needed to challenge. Of course, to do this, Jackson had to grab his challenge flag, which turned out to be a much harder job than he anticipated.

Jackson spent a solid 14 seconds trying his hardest to dig his hand into his pocket. He was getting visibly frustrated and even had to rip the glove off so he could get his hand into his pocket, which eventually worked, but it took a while.

If there was ever a game for something this silly to happen, it was Sunday’s game between the two unluckiest franchises in the NFL. Well, this also happens when Jeff Fisher is coaching, but now that he’s not around, Jackson had to take the mantle of the coach who wears oversized clothing during cold games and can’t get the challenge flag out of his pocket.

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