Jeff Fisher’s Inability To Pull A Challenge Flag From His Pocket Is Some 7-9 Bullsh*t

Jeff Fisher is probably pretty stoked about the fact that he signed a two-year contract extension on Sunday. It came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, but any time you can extend a dude who has won 42 percent of his games as your team’s head coach, you have to do it.

Fisher’s mind is almost definitely elsewhere while he celebrates his job security – his contract was up at the end of the season – so forgive him for not remembering something like where he put his challenge flag. The Rams are playing New England in Foxboro today, and since it’s a bit cold, Fisher has an oversized puffy coat on while he roams the sidelines. Those things can have a some pretty deep pockets, so if you don’t pay attention to where you put everything, you might misplace something.

This happened to Fisher, who wanted to challenge a play but could not because he lost his challenge flag somewhere in his coat. Is this an absurd thing that should probably never happen? Of course it is! But because it’s Jeff Fisher, and he is super good at not paying attention to things, it’s not really a surprise. The dude thought Danny Woodhead was still on the Patriots for goodness’ sake, so it’s a bit much to expect that he could navigate the deep pockets of a coat.

But hey! He got a contract extension today. Plus he ended up telling the official he wanted to challenge the call in question instead of throwing a flag and the call was overturned, so in a way, everything worked out.