Hulk Hogan Explained Why He Called The Superdome The ‘Silverdome’ At WrestleMania 30

A lot of crazy stuff went down at WrestleMania 30 — Daniel Bryan won two matches and walked out as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Brock Lesnar broke 70,000 hearts by breaking The Undertaker’s undefeated streak among them — but the show started out with a gaffe: Hulk Hogan calling the Mercedes-Benz Superdome the ‘Silverdome.’ Twice.

If you were wondering why this happened beyond “Hulk Hogan is approaching senility” and/or “Hulk Hogan believes time is a flat circle” (and is the red and yellow king), entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet from WOIO-TV spoke with Hogan about the misspeak. He also talked about the new era of WWE talent and the Undertaker, but Hulk Hogan’s vocal bonerjamz are the selling point. Sadly my “he’s angling for a rematch with Rob Ford” theory is bogus. Jump to the 1:20 mark:

A transcript:

“I didn’t realize it until the second time I had said it. We have a thing called the Gorilla position and I was ready to go out. They pulled me for a quick interview and we talked about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and I had a tough time a few days ago with that. My manager Jimmy Hart and I just stood and stared at the statue and when I looked at his face, I lost it and I was totally rattled for at least half that day. It really upset me, in a good way.

So in that interview when we talked about the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then I went straight out there I guess my mind was still thinking Andre. But the crowd sure let me know that I was saying the wrong name of the venue. So I apologized to them, and I made sure that I tagged it at the end again with the Skydome. Oh man, the Superdome.”

Good on the Hulkster for rolling with it, but I kinda wish he’d dropped a leg on Sean Payton and gotten the WrestleMania crowd to throw garbage at him.