‘Human Frogger’ Crushes Young Skater [VID]

07.20.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

I’ve always wondered why we never see larger gents on TV, and this video after the jump might be a big reason why. This is Charley Belcher (of the Hamburg Belchers, presumably). Charley is out in the field doing a stand-up report on a skateboarding camp in the area, but in order to get to his interview subject, he’ll have to run through a pack of youngers. Or just walk around, but that would have made for worse TV, because this never would have happened.

“Are you okay, kid? May I grope you for a few seconds while your still woozy?” That sort of treatment needs to be part of every skateboarding camp. And when did skateboarding get relegated to camps? What, Mommy’s dropping you off at skateboarding camp each morning now? That’s not very metal. Skateboarding is the new soccer, apparently. At least now you don’t have to pull your socks up. I always hated that.

Thanks, UU, for the heads-up.

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