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Following a 70-0 loss at Arizona, Idaho’s football team dropped the “I” logo that was on the seat of their pants.  But that was the only uniform change that’s made sense in the nation’s leader in potatoes and white power militias: the university forced the cheerleading squad to abandon its awesome two-piece uniforms after only one game.

There were enough complaints from Vandal fans about the uniforms that the cheerleading squad abandoned the two-piece outfits…

Donned with more threads last weekend, a second set of uniforms – black shirts and shorts – were worn by the cheerleaders… Despite the less revealing attire; however, the all-black motif lacked panache.

Hell yes it lacked panache.  Wait… what’s “panache” again?  Is that a word for something that gives me a boner?  Because if so I stand by my statement.

[Lion in Oil]

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