IMPORTANT PERVERT NEWS ALERT: Michelle Jenneke Made A Swimsuit Video For Sports Illustrated

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02.12.13 32 Comments

Michelle Jenneke Sports Illustrated


Michelle Jenneke, the contagiously enthusiastic Australian hurdler we made famous last summer who then abandoned us completely to hang out with theCHIVE (like they did anything), is the star of a new Sports Illustrated swimsuit video that is 0% “trying to show people swimsuits” and 100% “LOOK AT MICHELLE JENNEKE IN A SWIMSUIT.”

Highpoint of the clip: Michelle saying that “somehow” the video of her dancing got a lot of hits. YEAH MICHELLE, SOMEHOW.

(Yes, they make her do the dance. Probably 50 times.)

(Video is after the jump.)

Forever alone.

[h/t to Justin Smith]

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