Important Sports Debate: Which Baseball Dog Mascot Is Cuter, Hank Or Rookie?

Last night, the aptly-named Benjamin Barker of MLB’s wonderful Fan Cave website helped introduce the newest addition to the roster of the Trenton Thunder, the New York Yankees’ Double A affiliate. Rookie is an adorable Golden Retriever puppy who won’t become the team’s new mascot until next year, but he was still introduced on Opening Day, along with his father, Derby. This is obviously all adorable news, and we should take a moment to look at a picture of Rookie, before we get into the very serious debate topic that has been issued.


But then Barker went on to make a statement that may very well cause the biggest and most over-the-top sports debate of 2014: “Rookie might give Hank a run for his money as the most adorable dog in baseball.” Man, I don’t know about that. I mean, here’s Rookie again:

And here’s Milwaukee Brewers mascot Hank the Dog:

Now I don’t think that it’s ever good to compare dogs for the sake of choosing which one is “better” or “cuter.” Mainly because the answer is always “My dog.” Hell, I only celebrate the Westminster and Purina Dog Shows and celebrations of adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes, because having one clear winner is just wrong. That’s why I don’t think that we need to have a “most adorable dog in baseball,” as much as we should have more dogs in baseball. Maybe even an entire team of dogs. Sure, they’d lose every game, but the attendance numbers would be through the – wait for it – woof.

Thank you, that’s the kind of excellent Friday dog humor that you can always count on from me.