In Case You’re Wondering, It’s Still Really Awesome Being A Billionaire

Last we heard from Tamara Ecclestone, the elder daughter of Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone, she was bouncing back and forth between England and the U.S., undoubtedly helping her sister move her futon and George Foreman grill into her new $82 million dollar home in Los Angeles. But now she wants us to know that there is so much more to her traveling and spending and partying and spending and sleeping and spending.
She’s been preparing for her new reality show, “Billion $$$ Girl,” which will air on some network across the pond, and will allow her to show all of us that there’s more to her than being the attractive socialite daughter of a billionaire. That started with a photo shoot with famed photog Tyler Shields, who asked Tamara if she could get her hands on some loose cash.
Get ready to punch something.

Sheilds’ [sic, guvna] agent told The Sun: ‘Tyler asked if she could get hold of £1million and she said she already had it lying around. So he got her to lie in it naked.’
(Via the Daily Mail)

Now before we go casting stones, I should point out that her parents care very deeply about her financial well-being. In fact, Tamara’s mom always keeps her daughters grounded. You know, when she’s not loaning them $82 million for houses.

Meanwhile, in an interview this week Tamara detailed her extravagant lifestyle, which involves three weekly hair appointments, a holiday every month and getting her dogs groomed at Harrods Pet Spa.
She told Grazia her mother Slavica was horrified by her spending on clothes, shoes and handbags.
She said: ‘My mum is always having a go at me about my spending – when she sees all the clothes in my dressing room she tells me I have mental problems.
‘But I can’t pretend this isn’t my life. OK, I feel bad about it sometimes, but it doesn’t make me a horrible person.
‘I’m not going to lie and say I don’t love clothes and bags. Actually I do a lot of charity work and give loads of my clothes, shoes and bag away.’

Ahhhh, I love that last line – “I do a lot of charity work.” Yeah, I bet those hands are really calloused from writing all those checks.