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Ladies prefer the Phelps on the right

Michael Phelps has been a sensation with the ladies since winning his eight golds in Beijing.  Recent rumors that he’s dating a Miss California runner-up made me wonder who you had to be to date Miss California.  (Batman?  Jesus?)  But Phelps denies he’s dating anyone:

Michael Phelps is an endless magnet for young hotties. As the Olympics champ hosted Bowlmor Lanes’ 70th anniversary bash, an army of stunners surrounded him screaming, “Fish man! Fish man!” One bold admirer stepped forward to rub his tummy. Phelps repeatedly insisted he wasn’t dating anyone, but told of a jaw-dropping sign being held by a female fan at his homecoming parade in Baltmore. It read: “In four years I will be legal.”

“That’s cool, honey.  In four minutes I can buy us two tickets to Thailand.”


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