Indiana Upset No. 8 Penn State By Literal Inches On A Crazy Two-Point Conversion In Overtime

You can never expect a calm and regular game of college football when Indiana is involved. Few teams seem to involve themselves in close games (typically painful losses) against big time opponents like Indiana does, and Saturday was no different in a matchup against No. 8 Penn State that went all the way down to the wire.

After leading the majority of the game, Penn State roared back and took the lead. After a quick four-and-out it with under two minutes to play it seemed like Penn State had the game won, but Indiana allowed Penn State to score a touchdown (the running back seemed confused as he walked in rather than falling down short) with right around 90 seconds left so they could get the ball back despite having just one timeout remaining. Penn State opted to go for the extra point to put themselves up eight and put the rest on their defense. After getting the ball back, Indiana marched down the field with some incredibly precise passing from Indiana QB Michael Penix Jr.

After putting on the goal line, Indiana punched the ball in for six on a fourth-down QB sneak play where he powered the ball in. Afterward, Indiana clearly had to go for two and attempt to tie up the ball game. Penix Jr. took the ball in his hands, danced around a blitzing Penn State defense that clearly expected him to keep the ball, and ran it in. Tie game. Overtime was on the way.

In overtime, Penn State quickly scored a touchdown and hit the extra point to go up seven. With the ball back in Penix hands, he once again had to deliver. He did with a touchdown drive of his own behind some more precise passing. This is where Indiana had a choice. Go for two and win it here or kick the extra point and take their chances in the second overtime period?

Indiana, a six point underdog, went for the two and the win. Penix kept the ball again and dove for the pylon. Was he in? Here’s how close it was.

The edge of the ball justtttttt happens to touch the pylon at the end. The call on the field was that he converted the two-point attempt. Without substantial evidence to overturn it the refs gave it to Indiana. Ball game. Indiana 36, Penn State 35, to give Indiana its first win over a top 10 team this millennium.