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An anonymous wealthy collector of curiosities and soiled shirts that some dude wore spent $35,000 to get the Gatorade-soaked shirt Doc Rivers had on during Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Would've fetched more if had been covered in the Gatorade sweat for the Kevin Garnett commercial. Anything secreted by an athlete is worth dying for. Just ask whores.

The Gatorade-stained shirt worn by Celtics coach Doc Rivers during Boston's title-clinching Game 6 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers last week netted $55,000 for The Shamrock Foundation through an auction on sports radio WEEI (850 AM).

An anonymous bidder pledged $35,000 for the shirt and accompanying Gatorade bucket utilized by Celtics captain Paul Pierce (above) during the sneak attack. The Gatorade company donated an addition $10,000, while a second anonymous donor gifted a $10,000 pledge.

The shirt, autographed by both Rivers and Pierce, had a $10,000 bid this morning until former Patriots head coach Bill Parcells, now the vice president of football operations for the Miami Dolphins and a Gatorade endorser, called with a bid of $20,000 on behalf of the sports drink company.

Gatorade bid on its own item to spur interest? That's a great idea. Maybe if I keep touching myself women will get the idea of how fun it is. Look, girl, see how easy it is! Aww man, sirens AGAIN? Back to the drawing board. The drawing board for 10 months (six with good behavior!).

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