The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Previewing The NFL Draft And A Conversation With Jamal Adams

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Hello, friends. We’re back this week with a short episode for you just ahead of Thursday night’s NFL Draft. The Browns have the No. 1 and No. 12 picks this year and that means they surely will manage to screw something up, or at least we as two lifelong Browns fans (that’s such a sad thing to be) are conditioned to believe that will happen.

For once, the Browns really are the story of this draft because of their two picks and reported activity in pursuing trades, so this week we have plenty of Browns talk for you, that I’m sure you all crave. However, for those that don’t love the Browns or don’t enjoy our pain as much, we also have something for you all.

Robby sat down with projected top-10 pick and former LSU star safety Jamal Adams at the P&G Style VIP Lounge in Philadelphia ahead of the draft for a quick, fun conversation about draft prep, LSU, and making sure he’s looking right for draft night.

This week’s a tight sub-25 minute long episode, but Adams was a lot of fun and the first round of the NFL Draft is always one of the most interesting nights on the late-spring sports calendar. Here’s what all we discussed:

  • Will the Browns really take Trubisky over Garrett
  • Where do they make their trade that will inevitably happen
  • The curse of No. 22
  • Who is this year’s Brandon Weeden
  • Concerns about Christian McCaffery
  • Robby won’t stop name dropping interviews he’s done
  • LSU’s Jamal Adams discusses draft night fashion and style
  • What the draft process has been like for the past two months
  • The need for versatility in coverage as a safety
  • How he approaches covering a tight end vs. covering a slot receiver
  • The difficulty of the past two years at LSU
  • Differences in Coach Miles & Coach O

And much more!

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