A Fan Ran Into The End Zone Looking For A Pass On A Jags Touchdown Run

It’s been quite the week for the Jacksonville Jaguars and their fans. Really, it’s been quite the season.

Urban Meyer was (finally) fired on Thursday after the latest report of him being awful to work for came out, with former kicker Josh Lambo alleging that Meyer kicked him while calling him “dipsh*t.” That, coupled with calling assistants “losers,” the video of him getting danced on at his own restaurant by a woman who was not his wife, and the 2-11 record for Jacksonville this season was enough to earn him a firing for cause.

There was some optimism that the Jaguars might come out with some reinvigorated spirit on Sunday with Meyer gone, but early on it was the Texans led by Davis Mills that had jumped in front in Jacksonville. Finally, the Jags got things going on a drive down deep in Texans territory, and that was apparently enough to get a fan a bit too excited about some positive play, as on the Jaguars first touchdown a fan ran into the end zone calling for a pass.

Thankfully it was a run play, because this could’ve been absolute chaos had Jacksonville called some kind of play-action bootleg to that side with him standing there as routes came towards him. Instead, James Robinson barreled into the end zone and no one from either team seemed to even notice or care he was out there calling for a Trevor Lawrence fade route. The fan was surely removed from the stadium, but he’s still probably having a better week than Urban.