Jalen Ramsey And Golden Tate Got In A Fight After Rams-Giants

The Giants and Rams played a pretty sleepy, boring game in an empty SoFi Stadium on Sunday, with the Rams emerging with a 17-9 win thanks to a game-sealing interception as New York worked their way into the redzone.

The most exciting play of the game was Jalen Ramsey blowing up a screen pass to Golden Tate in which he went through a blocker and then put a perfect tackle on Tate, slamming him to the ground emphatically.

That moment reminded many of Tate and Ramsey’s off-field history, as Ramsey has two children with Tate’s sister, with Tate publicly making statements calling out Ramsey for disrespecting his sister after the two broke up. After the game, Ramsey and Tate came together at midfield in a moment that many likely should’ve seen coming, sparking a brawl between the two teams as they swung at each other and then ended up wrestling to the ground, with the two teams fighting while trying to break it up.

It will be interesting to see if the league issues any discipline for this, given that we are in the midst of a pandemic and we’ve already seen multiple games postponed due to positive tests this week. As such, two teams brawling isn’t exactly ideal, both in terms of optics and in creating close face-to-face contact.

As for Tate and Ramsey, this would seem to only further their issues with each other and this likely won’t be their last confrontation.