Jacksonville Jaguars Cornerback Jalen Ramsey Eats Like A Human Garbage Can

Look at what a professional athlete put into his body voluntarily! Look at it!

Jalen Ramsey, the fifth overall pick in this year’s draft, is eating like he’s on a dare or lost a bet. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ cornerback had three or four raw hot dogs coated in either ketchup or hot sauce, a bag of Cheetos, a box of alternative Mike & Ikes and a bottle of Powerade for dinner on Sunday night. Maybe he heated the hot dogs, but no matter how you slice it (including the hot dogs), this is the weirdest thing anyone has put on the internet.

It’s one thing if you’re in college and don’t have much money. You’ll make a meal out of taco shells and ketchup if need be. But Ramsey just got a $15 million signing bonus, so he should be able to afford some Burger King. This is what you’d make pledges eat if they were rushing your fraternity.

What makes this even funnier is Ramsey’s Twitter page; his tweets are mostly Bible passages, then this. Raw hot dogs and hot sauce that may have been squirted from Taco Bell packets has to be a sin, right? Thou shalt not eat like an adult?

Fear not, because when that passes through Ramsey’s system, he will do his atoning on the toilet. There may even be some praying too.