Anna Kendrick Steals The Show In This Brilliant Sports Movie Sketch

Considering the fact that he is British and grew up a theatre kid, you can’t blame James Corden for not being extremely well-versed in American sports. Like a lot of non-sports fans, Corden got most of his experiences with the world of athletics from the movies, and after Super Bowl 50, Corden wanted to bring the audience into the world of sport on film in his “History of Sports Movies” montage.

With a little help from Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron and Workaholics‘ Adam DaVine, Corden hilariously reenacted all of the classics in rapid-fire form with the help of a green screen.

Corden and co. started with baseball classics Bad News Bears, Field of Dreams, and The Sandlot, and eventually hit on everything from boxing (Raging Bull, all four of the Rocky movies), basketball (Hoosiers, Space Jam), football (Any Given Sunday, Varsity Blues, Rudy, The Blind Side, Remember The Titans) and everything in between.

As usual with everything she is in, Anna Kendrick totally steals the show with parts ranging from an adorably terrible British accent in Bend It Like Beckham to a spot-on Sandra Bullock impression in The Blind Side. 

I never knew I desperately wanted her to star in a remake of Chariots of Fire until right now.