Jaromir Jagr Lost Four Teeth And Still Managed To Have A Productive Night

Jaromir Jagr is an unstoppable force. The NHL veteran has been playing pro hockey since before most of his teammates were born, and he isn’t exactly slowing down on or off the ice. But the 43-year-old Jagr had a pretty rough day at the office on Tuesday night, when he took a high stick to the mouth during his Panthers’ contest against the Ottawa Senators.

The high stick did quite a bit of damage, sending Jagr down to the ice in a pool of his own blood. When he got up, he did so without his four front teeth.

Amazingly, there was no penalty called on the play. If you need an explanation on that, you’re going to need to consult someone else, because four missing teeth and a whole lot of blood seems like quite enough evidence to stick a double-minor on somebody but, alas, I am not an NHL referee.

Fortunately, being the grizzled veteran he is, Jagr sought redemption on his own, and he found it in the form of an assist on a second period goal by Corban Knight. The Panthers would go on to win 2-1 in a shootout, which meant Jagr was still all smiles after the game.

The important lesson to take away from this is that Jagr is a legend, and you don’t hurt the Jagr and get away with it.