Jason Brown’s Free Skate Routine At The 2014 U.S. Championship Was Pretty Amazing

If you’ve ever doubted that the idea of being “in the zone” has its place in every sport, stop whatever you’re doing and watch this video of figure skater Jason Brown and his routine from this weekend’s 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships. You don’t have to watch the entire routine if figure skating isn’t your “thing,” but this video jumped from 33,000+ views on YouTube to 303,443 overnight because his routine is just that f*cking awesome.

I’ve also always thought that the idea of having play-by-play during figure skating routines is silly, because the music plays a big role in the spectacle and whatnot, but Scott Hamilton’s journey from, “Eh, this guy looks okay” to “WOWEE ZOWEE ZOMG TEAR THE ROOF OFF THIS MOTHER!” makes it all that much better.

Also, these ladies are my current favorites for the Best Sports Fans of 2014…