Jason Richardson Is A Great Teammate

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04.05.11 7 Comments

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Back in December, when the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns completed a trade involving 6 players, Steve Nash Tweeted that he was sad to see Earl Clark go. That’s probably because Earl Clark never banged his wife. Jason Richardson, on the other hand… well that’s possibly a whole different story. The gossip blog circuit fired up yesterday after some rumors surfaced implicating Richardson as the cause for Nash’s sudden divorce, also in December.

Nash and his wife of 5 years, Alejandra Amarilla, were divorced just one day after she gave birth to their third child, and The Jersey Chaser is reporting without, you know, sources that Richardson is actually the father. For additional information, please see: Me, Myself & Irene.

Nash married Alejandra Amarilla in 2005 but broke up a few months before the baby was born after rumors of cheating allegations. The allegations were confirmed when Aljejandra gave birth to a black baby. Now the father is said to be Nash’s former teammate Jason Richardson. The Suns abruptly traded Richardson to the Orlando Magic in December, around the same time the baby was born.

Meanwhile, She Knows Entertainment, which I found while comparison shopping for sleeveless t-shirts and condoms, claims the rumor could be false while pointing out that Terez Owens says the divorce went down because Nash cheated with a 22-year old, and also that the baby is white.

Either way, LeBron James owes Delonte West a hug.

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