Jay Cutler Is Having A Dude Bro, Dudes Bros!

It’s pretty amusing that celebrities think they can keep secrets, what with that whole Internet thing combined with nobody being able to shut up, but bless their hearts, Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler and his fiancée Kristin Cavallari didn’t want to announce the sex of their expected child. But Bears WR Earl Bennett sucks at keeping secrets, so he went ahead and told everyone that J-Cutty is having a boy.

Somewhere, Brian Urlacher shrugged and said, “Whatever, there’ll be plenty of other girls to date in 2029.”

“He’s having a boy,” Bennett, 25, said on the Boers & Bernstein sports radio show in Chicago Tuesday. “I am excited for Jay. It’s a great time.”

“I think every guy wants a guy to carry on the name,” the former reality star told Glamoholic in March. “But he doesn’t care. I just want to have a healthy baby.” (Via People)

I love that quote, just because I can see the doctor saying, “Jay and Kristin, I have the results of your sonogram. Would you like to know your baby’s sex?” and Cutler responding, “Whatevs.”

I have no clue when the baby is expected, because nobody knows when J-Cutty completed the most important pass of his life, but it’s nice to see that K-Cavs isn’t blowing up like Jessica Simpson, who just had her child (Maxwell Drew Johnson… that’s a girl, mind you) with former San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints TE Eric Johnson. In fact, I have a picture from Simpson’s delivery…