NFL Fans Couldn’t Stop Laughing At Jaylen Waddle Just Walking Away From His Family As He Got Drafted

This year’s NFL Draft was a mixture of a normal draft and last year’s virtual draft, as some top prospects like Trevor Lawrence, Penei Sewell, and Justin Fields stayed at home to watch the draft with their families, while others were in the green room in Cleveland for the festivities.

The reaction of players to getting drafted and fulfilling their lifelong dreams is always one of the best parts of watching the draft, whether it be at home or with the family allowed into the green room. Usually that involves a lot of hugs, handshakes, and maybe some tears, before they get ready to step out to the stage to get their hat and jersey. However, when Jaylen Waddle of Alabama was taken by the Dolphins, reuniting him with former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, he had a very different reaction that caught the eye of the internet.

The angle from the ESPN broadcast was even funnier, as you see Waddle’s entire family explode in celebration as he simply stands up, turns from them, and walks out to go to the stage.

The video quickly went viral as fans couldn’t stop laughing at his incredibly cool reaction to being drafted and just kind of ghosting his family in the process to go dap up his former Alabama teammates as he strolled to the stage.

Now, ESPN would later show a shot of Waddle after he had gotten the call getting hugs in his chair from the family, so there was a celebration he took part in, but this is still a hilarious and legendary move.

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