Of Course Jeff Bridges Bowled His Dodgers First Pitch Lebowski-Style. He’s The Dude, Man

08.03.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

Promoting The Giver, Jeff Bridges swung by the Dodgers game Friday night to toss out the ceremonial first pitch, announce the lineups, and just be his usual awesome self since he’s pretty much permanently The Dude if The Dude was a famous movie star at this point.

And while I’m fully confident he could have grooved a highly respectable first pitch over the plate that would have made everyone in the crowd cheer while simultaneously deriding 50 Cent, Jeff Bridges instead decided to channel his inner, um, self and dramatically bowl the ball to the catcher to the delight of Big Lebowski fans everywhere.

You can watch the full length MLB version here followed by bonus lineup reading here if you have the patience to deal with their video player.

And here’s a photo with Brian Wilson while we’re at it. Because why the hell not?

Via Big League Stew

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