Jeff Van Gundy Took A Subtle Jab At NBA Referees Regarding LeBron James

The NBA officiating conspiracy theorists and referee truthers were buzzing pretty hard last night, as the Indiana Pacers managed to pull off an 93-90 win over the Miami Heat to keep the Eastern Conference Finals alive for at least one more game. The Pacers received a gift from the heavens early on, when LeBron James found himself in quick foul trouble, which is something that almost never happens to the King in his already legendary career. In fact, as the ESPN NBA Playoffs crew pointed out last night after James’s second foul, he hasn’t fouled out of a regular season game in five years. What a fun fact, right?

Jeff Van Gundy thinks that it’s a lot of fun, actually. So fun that he didn’t even need to say anything to let us tin foil hat-wearing NBA fans know exactly what he was talking about. *wink wink, nudge nudge, thrown in David Stern’s dungeon with the guy who rigs the draft lottery each year* He may be retired, but he still runs the dungeon.

(Via @CJZero)