‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Who Died Of Cancer Won Her Third Straight Show In Dramatic Fashion

The story of Jeopardy! contestant Cindy Stowell is becoming the stuff of legends. While taping the show, she was dealing with stage 4 colon cancer and died before her shows ever aired. She won Tuesday, then again Wednesday but appeared to be on the ropes Friday as she entered Final Jeopardy.

Despite sitting in last place, she was the only contestant to answer, “What is Mad Men?” correctly, while her two opponents somehow couldn’t devise that from, “In 2010, in its fourth season, this TV show shifted its primary setting to 6th Avenue, two blocks west.” The category was NYC TV. I’m pretty sure no one is watching these prestige shows on cable everyone loves to review and tweet about it. No one knows who Walter White is. No one … sorry, I’m off track.

Cindy went from third to first to win Thursday and has a chance to be a four-time champion if she wins Friday. She probably won’t benefit from the soft competition she faced Thursday, which included this answer.

Cindy donated all her winnings — on air, currently up to $39,600 — to cancer research. If you’re rooting against her, you’re probably the worst person alive.

(New York Times)