Behold: Jeremy Roenick Trying To Wrestle An Alligator On A Golf Course

10.26.15 3 years ago

Jeremy Roenick has always been known as a bit of an interesting character, but this video posted to Twitter on Monday morning may elevate that perception quite a bit. It appears that during a recent round of golf, Roenick — a former nine-time NHL All-Star — encountered a live alligator on the course, and the best thing to do was mess with it. Because of course.

Roenick attempted to dive at the gator, but, luckily for him, the beast scampered away and into the water before Roenick could get his hands on him. I’m not exactly sure what his plan was if JR actually did grab ahold of the gator, but it could have ended a lot uglier than it did. Never a doubt in Roenick’s mind, though.

(Via Next Impulse Sports)

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