Jerry Jones Is Really, Really Happy To Have Tony Romo Back

Tony Romo returned on Sunday and promptly ended the Cowboys seven-game losing streak with a 24-14 victory over the Dolphins.

Romo wasn’t a world-beater or anything, (although his first completion upon his return was pretty special) he went 18-28 for 227 yards with two touchdowns and two picks, but just having his presence back in the lineup seemed to give the Cowboys a jolt, which was confirmed after the game.

The Star Telegram recapped how a speech Romo gave in the offensive meeting room on Saturday night inspired their performance on Sunday.

“I told the guys … that it was really inspirational watching them,” Romo said. “Even though we didn’t win over the last seven weeks, and I know that’s ultimately what we are all defined by — how you perform and play on Sundays — is really a direct reflection of who you are. I told them that the wins and losses are what people talk about, but the way that they played was inspiring.

After the win, defensive end Jeremy Mincey called Romo the “savior” of the Cowboys season and the whole team seemed to be inspired by his return.

No one, however, was more excited to have Tony Romo back in the lineup than Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Speaking of that aforementioned first completion, in which Romo had to avoid the rush in his own end zone and make a left-handed pass, Jones, could barely contain his excitement, via the Star Telegram

Now, there’s no glory there. That’s not big-time lights, anything. That’s just big men coming down on you hard in a monsoon, trying to figure out how not to have a terrible play at the first of a ballgame. That defines him so well. He’s had many defining plays. That’s a defining play right there. That’s fresh off of no competition for two months. So, hello!”

And then there was this delusional quote that Jones made regarding his 3-7 football team.

“When we’re through with this season, I want our fans to say, ‘But had they had Romo, this might have been one of the best teams or the best team in the NFL,’ that’s the goal.”

Jones seems to think had Romo been healthy, the Cowboys would have joined the Patriots and Panthers as being unbeaten 10 games through the season, which is obviously not accurate as Dallas had more problems during their losing streak than just quarterback play. That being said the Cowboys are 3-0 with Romo under center this year, and because the NFC East is such a terrible division, they are very much in the playoff race.