Jets Players Still Coping With Loss

While most New York Jets fans were being talked off their figurative ledges, the team’s stars were out tearing up the clubs in New York City in the hours after their 24-19 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday. Quarterback Mark Sanchez and wide receiver Braylon Edwards showed up to the Juliet Supper Club around 3 am, where Edwards racked up a $2,500 tab, which included a $1,100 bottle of champagne. Meanwhile, I drank George Dickel and Tab.

But while Edwards was in the DJ booth, telling the crowd that the Jets will make it to the Super Bowl next year, Sanchez was wiping his boogers on more important matters:

A source said: “Mark sat with Braylon for a short while, but soon enough he was back at the bar flirting with the bartender, a gorgeous South American girl — busty with long, dark-reddish hair. They were doing shots together, and he kept whispering in her ear and holding her hand. He looked pretty enamored and was at the bar until closing time.” (Via Fox Sports)

Play on, playboy. Meanwhile, World Vision, a humanitarian organization that focuses on child poverty throughout the world, has secured two generous donations from the Jets and the Chicago Bears – their respective AFC and NFC Championship merchandise.

According to TMZ:

TMZ has learned … the boxes and boxes of pre-printed official Jets and Bears championship apparel and towels are headed to an organization called “World Vision” — which is dedicated to helping the less fortunate in impoverished communities worldwide.

We’re told the gear will be distributed to the aforementioned countries in March — along with the pre-made merchandise for the squad that LOSES in the Super Bowl.

Good thing they highlighted loses. I would have assumed they’d send all of the winning merchandise there. This is a common practice, of course, but it’s great for the players from these teams for when they vacation in Armenia and Zambia. They can tell all the women there that they’re champions. And I hear the chicks in those countries are super skinny and hot.