Jim Harbaugh Sang The National Anthem At A Lil Dicky Show On Michigan’s Campus

Today is a day that ends in -y, which means Jim Harbaugh did something really silly within the last 24 hours. Well, odds are he did a few silly things – there’s always the possibility that he did another unconventional recruiting thing that we don’t know about and it’s safe to assume that he’s working tirelessly to get Judge Judy onto the Supreme Court – but we have documented proof of at least one example of Harbaugh doing Harbaugh stuff.

Lil Dicky had a show on Michigan’s campus last night. Because he was at Michigan, he got the chance to meet coach Harbaugh.

Owly Image

You may be wondering exactly what the two discussed, which I know I’m doing, because I would love to hear a conversation between any human being and Jim Harbaugh. It’s probably safe to assume that the two laid out a plan to get Harbaugh’s music career kicked off, because during Lil Dicky’s show that night, Harbaugh came out and performed for the crowd.

No, he didn’t sing any of Lil Dicky’s songs, although Harbaugh should have acted as his hype man because Harbaugh as a hype man sounds wonderful. Instead, he sang “The Star-Spangled Banner,” because why not?

If the main voice in that video is Harbaugh, we have to give respect where it’s due because the dude can kind of sing. He’s never going to win a Grammy or anything, but hopefully this leads to Harbaugh dropping the most fire mixtape of 2016.

(via Dr. Saturday)